Cat Balls & Chasers

Candy Color Ball Cat Toy Filled with Organic Catnip...


Cute Pair of Mouse Style Cat Balls Made from...


Ball Cat Toy for Interactive Play


Automatic Rotating Cat Toy With Sound and LED Light...


Automatic Rotating Teaser Cat Toy with Sound and Laser...


Electronic Rotating Ball Cat Toy with Sound, LED, &...


Interactive Egg-Shaped Cat Toy with Elastic Wire and Feather...


Funny Cat Toy with Bouncy Wire Spring and Cute...


Quality Feather Teaser Cat Toys


Electronic Jumping Ball Cat Toy with Attractive LED Light...


Three Level Interactive Cat Toy


Set of 5 Rainbow Soft Foam Cat Balls


Set Of 10 Cat Balls with Bells


Set Of 10 Mini False Fur Mouse Cat Toys...


Mouse Shaped Cat Toy


Candy Color Cat Ball Made from Catnip


Four Piece Cat Ball Set Made Rattan Look


Cat Balls & Chasers

Cats and dogs love to chase balls! While you’re unlikely to get your cat to play fetch with you, it is still worth getting some cat balls. You’ll get to see your cat run across your house like a lunatic. 

Cat chasers and toy balls are a great way of improving their reflexes, ensuring your cat is ready for anything. It doesn’t matter how old your cat is, they will appreciate a cat ball with their other toys and you’ll enjoy watching them play.

Add in some catnip and your cat will go crazy. The smell of catnip makes them go wild and they’ll rub against the cat toy as well as run even faster with it!

Speak to us today and we’ll help you to choose the best cat balls and toys for your furry friend.