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Cat Bowls & Feeders

USB Electric Automatic Cat Water Fountain with Filter

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Cat Bowls & Feeders

Every cat needs a set of cat bowls for food and water. While you can have a plain bowl it is much more fun to have something distinctive and more personal for your cat. Just take a look at this stainless steel cat feeder with cartoon characters!

But, there’s more! If you’ve ever taken a vacation you’ll appreciate that cats can be left at home providing they have all the necessary supplies, including a surplus of cat toys. That’s when you’ll need an automatic cat feeder. In essence, it works like a timed cat feeder, releasing a set amount of food at regular intervals. 

The cat food dispenser aims to keep your cat fed without making them fat!

No matter what your reasons for leaving your cat, you’ll appreciate the right cat feeders can make a big difference to their comfort and your peace of mind. Check out our range today and get ready for your next vacation!