Cat Harnesses

Colorful Cat Harness and Leash Set


Breathable Cat Harness with Reflective Edge


Plaid Kitten and Puppy Harness Vest with Leash


Cute Little Cat Harness With Tartan Bow Tie And...


Breathable Soft Padded Cat Harness with Strong Leash Set...


Adjustable Printed Cat Harness and Leash with Free ID...


Vest Style Mesh Cat Harness with Quick Release Buckle...


Cat Harnesses

Cats like to go for walks with you! If you have a dog and a cat you’ll probably have noticed that the cat starts to walk with you when you take the dog out. It can even get excited when you reach for the dog harness and leash!

Your cat may not accompany you all the way but it could with the right cat harness and leash. It’s best to choose an escape-proof cat harness, you know how difficult it can be to get your cat to come when it’s called! Don’t forget you’ll need to choose one of our cat leashes to go with the collar and harness. 

You can get your kitten used to the idea with a dedicated kitten harness. As they grow, switch to one of our stylish cat harnesses and you may find your cat is better trained than your dog.