Cat Houses

Fluffy Cat House with Scratcher Board and Hanging Cat...


Cat Cave Bed With Soft Cushion


Portable Cat House Bed Made From 100% Cotton


Multifunction Cat Scratcher House for Kittens and Cats


Foldable Cat Igloo Style Bed Made From Cotton


Warm Folding Velvet Cat House with Removable Cushion


Fluffy Plush Cat House with Warm Cushions Made of...


Cat Houses

Cat houses give your four-legged friend a safe place to sleep. You can select a fleece-lined cave or cat house that your pet will love. Or, if you prefer, you can invest in an outdoor cat house. This gives your cat somewhere safe to sleep when they have forgotten to come in at the end of the day. 

We have an array of great cat beds on offer, including a stylish outside cat house and a variety of themed options. You’re certain to find the perfect addition to your home and a spot that will make your cat happy forever.

Take a look at the various cat houses we have on offer and choose one today, it may be the best decision you’ve ever made!