Cat Mats & Liners

Waterproof Litter Box Mat for your Cats


Waterproof Rubber Cat Litter Mat for Cat Litter Box...


Cat Mats & Liners

If you’re giving your cat a litter box then you need to invest in litter box liners and cat mats. While cats are surprisingly clean animals, they don’t worry about the little things, such as wiping their feet after using the toilet. 

Cat litter liners will make it easier to keep the litter box clean and smelling fresh, these cat liners sit at the bottom of the litter box and help it do its job, without getting the box dirty.

But, cat mats are even more important. They go under and in front of the litter box, preventing accidents and effectively forcing your cat to wipe its feet after using the toilet!

Take a look at the cat mats and liners we have in stock to make your life easier.