Cat Scratchers & Towers

Fluffy Cat House with Scratcher Board and Hanging Cat...


Triangular Cat Scratching Post


Cat Mat With Sisal Scratching Board


Multifunction Cat Scratcher House for Kittens and Cats


Unique-Shaped Cat Scratcher


Seesaw Shaped Wooden Cat Scratcher Coated With Sisal


Cat Scratchers & Towers

Kittens love to play but cats are generally more relaxed. Sleeping, eating, and scratching anything they can find takes up most of their time. Unfortunately, this can be a real issue for your furniture as cats aren’t generally fussy about what they scratch.

Your couch is as good as the cat scratching post!

That’s why you need to invest in a couple of cat scratchers. Positioned properly a cat tree will give them more than just a scratching point, it can also give them a safe and comfortable bed. 

Check out our range of cat towers to find the best cat scratchers for your home, and save the cost of replacing your furniture!