Cat Toys

Electric Wagging Fish Cat Toy for Interactive Playing


Ball Cat Toy for Interactive Play


Automatic Rotating Cat Toy With Sound and LED Light...


Automatic Rotating Teaser Cat Toy with Sound and Laser...


Electronic Rotating Ball Cat Toy with Sound, LED, &...


Foldable Cat Tunnel with Solid Spring Structure Steel Frame...


Set of 10 Rainbow Soft Foam Cat Balls


Set Of 10 Cat Balls with Bells


Set Of 10 Mini False Fur Mouse Cat Toys...


Mouse Shaped Cat Toy


Foldable Cat Tunnel for Pet’s Outdoor and Indoor Activity...


Dumbbell Shaped Colorful Cat Toy With Built-In Bell


Electronic Jumping Ball Cat Toy with Attractive LED Light...


Transparent Electronic Ball Cat Toy for Interactive Playing


Quality Feather Teaser Cat Toys


Cute Pair of Mouse Style Cat Balls Made from...


Three Hole Nylon Foldable Cat Play Tunnel with Dangly...


Wand Cat Toy with 5 Replacement Sets For Interactive...


Candy Color Cat Ball Made from Catnip


Interactive Wand Cat Toy


Hit the Mouse Interactive Cat Toy with 5 Holes...


Interactive Egg-Shaped Cat Toy with Elastic Wire and Feather...


Funny Cat Toy with Bouncy Wire Spring and Cute...


Four Piece Cat Ball Set Made Rattan Look


Cat Toys

Kittens love to play, but so do cats! There is something magical about seeing your cat launch itself at the latest cat toy, especially if you’ve chosen one of our great catnip toys!

Cat toys for kittens do more than just give them something to play with, they can help them to learn skills that they’ll need when outside. 

There are some great options available, from the automatic rotating cat toy to the collapsible tunnel. Take a look at our extensive range of cat toys and speak to our helpful advisors to make the best possible decision for your beloved cat.