Dog Beds

Washable Doggy Bed Suitable for Small and Medium Dogs

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Waterproof Dog Bed Made From Cotton

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Soft-touch Dog Bed with Snap-Fastener Design

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Multipurpose Cotton Dog Bed

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For Deep Sleep Super Soft Plush Dog or Cat...

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Warm Dog Bed with Waterproof Bottom

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Soft Pillow Style Dog Bed Made From Breathable Coral...

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Dog Bed with Head Rest for Large-Sized Dogs

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Super Soft Donut Dog Bed

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Dog Beds

Your dog sleeps for an average of 12-14 hours per day. They need to be comfortable. 

We offer an extensive range of dog pillow beds with built-in lips to create a comfortable resting place for your dog’s head. Take a look at the comfortable couch-style dog pillow bed or the mini-armchair. You’re certain to find something that you and your dog will adore.

Dog cuddler beds are generally best suited to smaller dogs. It’s the perfect way for your beloved pet to settle down for a snooze. The cuddler bed encases them, making them feel safe, snug, and loved. Whether you’re after a cave shaped dog sleeping bag or a super soft donut, you’ll find the perfect dog cuddler beds in our collection!

Dog Bed Collections

With raised sides, optional covers, and an array of styles and sizes, there is no better way to remind your dog you love them! The dog cuddler bed and the dog pillow beds will love them when you can’t!

  • Small puppy bed
  • Cozy dog beds
  • Dog beds for large
  • Large round dog bed
  • Dog beds for small dogs
  • Small puppy bed
  • King size dog bed

Dog’s bed is the major place where you want to make your furry friend rest for quite a while. An excellent place for the cozy atmosphere. Below we have listed some of the dog beds from our online platform. Have a look, you will find something, you don’t want to miss.

I.    Washable Doggy Bed- Multipurpose bed that offers a smooth and comfy feeling for your pooch. Best Suitable for Small and Medium Dogs. Your pooch can sit as well as take an easy nap on this bed. Available for small to medium dogs with three customized sizes. best dog beds for small dogs.

II.    Classic Dog Bed for Small to Large Dogs- this classy yet soft bed mimics the lumpy structure of the sheep’s wool. Perfect for the winter that gives that cozy feel to your pooch. Perfect for the added winter touch enough to let your dog enjoy the atmosphere. Best dog beds for large dogs.

III.    Waterproof Dog Bed Made From Cotton- want to give your dog that feels of an awesome sleepful night. It is made of 100% real cotton making it incredibly soft. It is perfectly shaped to ensure that your dog won’t fall out of the bed. It is available in all sizes. It cannot only be used for the dog but the kitten as well. Comes with a striped design making it look incredibly nice.

IV.    L-Shaped Dog Bed with Raised Rim for Neck and Joints Support- this awesome L-shaped dog bed has a rim that is been raised ensuring the perfect support for the dog neck and joints. It is made up of high-quality foam that distributes bodyweight uniformly leading to the comfiest sleep for everlasting subtleness.

V.    Comfortable Couch Shaped Foldable Dog Bed- if the space in your room is pity less then don’t worry as our amazing dog bed is suited for you. Now your dog can easily sit and relax plus can have a deep nap. You can fold it and can take it anywhere you can during long journeys.

Unfolded it can act as a relaxed lounger. It is available in three sizes and generally suited for pups and small dogs. Also, it can bestow your room with that aesthetic touch.

VI.    Comfortable Dog Bed with Removable Cover and Cushion- dogs are as excellent as humans. They should be treated equivalent to us. Considering this scenario, Paws and Whiskers has bought yet another bed with a removable cover and cushion. It resembles a human sofa that can be folded into the couch.

Made of high-graded cotton ensuring a comfortable nap for your dog. Now your dog can easily take 15 hours of sleep without getting up in between. Available in three different colors.

VII.    Soft-touch Dog Bed with Snap Fastener Design- a multi-purpose bed similar to the foldable dog bed mentioned before. You can use it in various ways such as putting it on a sofa.

Give your pooch that stylish tint that will enable high profiling for your dog. Above are some of the top dog beds available on Paws and Whiskers available at affordable rates. Though there are plenty of more eye-catching pieces of stuff like this these dog beds are worth everything you crave for.

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