Dog Collars

Quick Control Dog Collar for Medium and Large Dogs...


Heavy-Duty Dog Collar with Padding


Elizabethan Style Dog Collar to Prevent Damage After Surgery...


Dog Collar with Chain and Rhinestone Decoration


Leather Dog Collar for Small Dogs


Soft Padded Dog Collar for both Small and Large...


Suede Leather Dog Collar With Jewels and Bow


Wide Leather Dog Collar With Inset Jewels


Rhinestone Encrusted Dog or Cat Collar


Military Style Dog Collar for Medium to Large Dogs...


Dog Collar in Tartan Plaid Pattern with Detachable Bow...


Small Suede Leather Dog Collar with Jewels and Metal...


Personalized Engraved Dog Collar


Cute Personalized Dog Collar with a Personalized Engraved ID...


Dog Collar with Personalized Name Tag


Classic Dog Collar with Custom Engraved Name Tag


Dog Collar with Personalized Engraved Name Tag


Leather Dog Collar with Customized Gold Name Tag


Small Fabric & Leather Dog Collar with Personalized Name...


Personalized Dog Collar for Medium and Large Dogs


Padded Dog Collar with Engraved Name Plate


Dog Collars

Basic dog collars are functional. They are often plain and give you a convenient loop to attach the leash. It should be noted that a collar is not the most effective way of controlling your dog, harnesses are generally much better ideas. 

But, a collar is necessary, it tells others that the dog is spoken for. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for run-of-the-mill. There are plenty of options available to create a distinctive and pleasing collar. We have an extensive range of dog collars and even puppy collars that will bring a smile to your face.

Take a look at our dog collars with jewels and bows attached, or the stylish Rhinestone puppy collars. You’re certain to find a dog collar that appeals is practical, and looks good on your dog.