Dog GPS Trackers

Waterproof GPS Dog Collar and Pet Locator

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Dog GPS Trackers

No matter how well you train a dog there will always be that moment they see something interesting and you are distracted. It’s usually the same time as they are off their leash. The first you know of it is when they disappear into the distance, leaving you shouting until you’re hoarse, wondering why your dog isn’t listening.

The simple answer is they can’t hear you because they are focused on something else. That doesn’t help you find them again though!

Fortunately, we offer several dog GPS trackers that can help you. They fit on or in a waterproof dog collar and allow you to identify exactly where your dog is. You can then use your app as a dog tracker and it will take you straight to their GPS dog collar!

Take a look at the options we have available and choose the one that you like the most. It’s easy to fit to your dog and will ensure you always know where they are. It’s your turn to surprise your dog with your hunting ability!

Our expert team is on hand to help with your GPS dog collar, all you have to do is ask!