Dog Leashes

Easy Walk Dog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set


Head Collar and Dog Leash Suitable for Big and...


Dog Leash with an Automatic Retractable Leash


Adjustable Training Dog Leash


High Quality Fiber Dog Leash for Small Dogs and...


Hands-Free Dog Leash


Reflective Striped Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs...


Matching Dog Collar & Leash with Polka Dot Pattern...


Reflective Heavy-Duty Dog Leash with Comfortable Handle


Colourful Round Cotton Rope Dog Leash


Automatic Retractable Nylon Dog Leash with ABS Enclosure


Printed Dog Leash in a Range of Bright Colors...


8m Auto-Extending Retractable Dog Leash


Basic Dog Leash


Dog Leashes

You should own more than one dog leash. Of course, you’ll have a favorite dog leash! But, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of forgetting to take the leash with you. It’s not just you that is frustrated, your dog will have been looking forward to their walk!

There are many different dog leashes on offer, you can even get a dog harness and leash combo. What you need is a comfortable leash that’s strong enough for the size of the dog you own. It’s also worth considering what you do with your dog. We have an extensive range of cool dog leashes, including the military tactical dog leash, one made from mountain climbing rope, and the hands-free running leash.

Take a look at our collection and enlist our help to find the perfect solution for you and your dog.