Dog Plush Toys

Adorable Soft Plush Squeaky Toy for All Dog Sizes...


Chewable Slipper-Shaped Squeaky Toy


Bite-resistant Dinosaurs Shaped Plush Dog Chew Toy


Animal Themed Squeaky Dog Toy


Plush Squeaky Toy with Adorable Shapes for All Dogs...


Animal Plush Dog Toy With Sound


Soft Fleece Squeaky Plush Toy for Puppies


Dog Plush Toys

Sometimes a dog needs a good chew toy, but other times they just need a cuddly treat. The problem is you are not always there to cuddle them! But, you can give them one of their favorite dog soft toys and keep them happy!

Even better, with our range of dog plush toys, they can have comfort and playtime! Check out the brilliant bite-resistant dinosaurs or the soft fleece squeaky toy. You’re certain to find something that can withstand the pressure of their jaws and even be a comforter when needed by your dog.

We offer an array of great soft dog toys that should keep your beloved pet happy for hours, allowing you to get your chores done! Just remember, your dog will love our squeaky toys, but will you after they’ve been chewing it for five minutes? Choose your dog plush toy wisely!