Dog Scoops & Waste Disposal

Stainless Steel Poop Scoop for Dogs and Cat Litter...


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Durable Pink Dog Litter Bags


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Dog Poop Scooper with Bag Dispenser


Dog Scoops & Waste Disposal

Dog waste disposal is the less pleasant but essential side of dog ownership. Doing it will not just prevent you from being fined, it helps to ensure your local area stays clean and enjoyable to walk in. It can even help with cleaning your dog.

There are many different dog poop disposal methods, from the classic dog scoop to specifically designed pet pooper scoopers, and even the humble bag. 

Choose your weapon and play your part in keeping the country clean and dog poop free. If you are not sure which option is likely to be most effective for you then speak with our professional and helpful staff. They can guide you into the right dog waste disposal method.