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Dog Shoes & Socks

Dogs generally have tough feet, they spend all day on them and walk over all types of terrain. Humans generally need to wear shoes as our feet simply aren’t tough enough to cover the same terrain.

But, that doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t need a good pair of dog shoes. Of course, pair is the wrong word; your dog will need 4 dog shoes! In extremely cold or hot temperatures your dog will struggle. Hot surfaces can burn their paws while icy ground can give them frostbite and prevent them from getting any grip.

Investing in top-quality dog socks, shoes and even clothes will allow you to protect your dog’s feet and body, ensuring you can keep walking them throughout the year. The fact that they look good while doing it is a bonus! If you have a puppy they don’t need to miss out, check out this array of puppy socks!

We have some great examples of dog shoes just waiting for you. Color coordinate your dog to you while keeping them safe!