Dog Slow Feeders

Transparent Egg Shaped Dog Slow Feeder Toy


Lick Pad Dog Slow Feeder with Strong Suction Cup...


Interactive Anti Choke Slow Feeder Dog Bowl


Slow Automatic Dog Feeder Suitable for All Dog Breeds...


Slow Feeder Dog Bowl with Searching Practice Feature


Bone-Shaped Dog Slow Feeder Maze for Dog IQ Training...


Non-Slip Dog Slow Feeder Maze for Small & Medium...


Dog Treats Toy Ball


Anti-Slip and Anti-Choke Funny Slow Feeding Dog Bowl


Dice-Shaped Foam Dog Slow Feeder Toy for All Sizes...


Dog Slow Feeders

If you have ever had a Labrador you will instantly know why a slow feeder dog bowl is an essential purchase. Of course, it is not just Labradors that like to eat fast!

Slowing down feeding time is important, eating too fast can cause bloat and, in some dogs, a twisted stomach. Your dog does not know it needs to slow down but you can help it with the right dog slow feeder.

Check out the slow feeder bowl options we have in stock and show your dog you care. You could also be saving yourself a big vet’s bill! There are some great choices available!

Take a look now and grab a cool dog toy at the same time!