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About Us

Paws and Whiskers is a brand name owned by Primacy Holdings (UK) Private Limited. We created Paws and Whiskers because, just like you, we love our furry friends and we want the very best for them.

Throughout our lives, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the most wonderful dogs and cats as our companions and part of our family. Each with their own individual personalities, they’ve brought us immense fun and lots of laughter for years on end; they’ve also been a source of comfort – becoming our dearest friends. In fact, we are so passionate about dogs and cats that one of our founders used to be a regular volunteer at Battersea Dogs Home, the famous London-based animal shelter giving dogs and cats refuge until they are safely rehomed.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to dog and cat shelters. After all, they need our help to support dogs and cats and to continue doing their charitable work. Often they struggle financially and they rely on animal lovers like you to donate or fundraise for their cause. Shortly, we will be introducing how we are going to help and we would love you to get involved too.

Sharing Advice

At Paws and Whiskers, our intention is also to review and advise on the best pet products to suit your needs (and your budget!).    Whether you’re looking for the perfectly warm and comfortable bed for your dog or a cat scratching post to keep your bundle of fluff happy for hours on end, perhaps you want to know about the best possible dog grooming brush or the most nutritious pet food brands? There’s just so much information to share and Paws and Whiskers is the place where you can do that.

Paws and Whiskers is a community of like-minded dog and cat lovers, a platform where you will find all the above and more, somewhere to ask advice, read owner stories and even search information on keeping your fur-ball nice and healthy.  We’ve got it all and more.  It’s also a place where you can and learn from other people’s pet experiences – it could be about training your pet, looking for a dog walker or grooming parlour in your area or what to do when you take a holiday. We have created a community of pet lovers all in one place.

So, we’d love you to get on-board and in turn, you can thank your pampered pooch or purrfect kitty-kat for all their love by spoiling them even more!

Come on in and explore our pages, don’t “paws” for thought - ask a question or search what you want to know - you’d be barking mad not to!